WELCOME TO Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge

Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge No. 9609 was consecrated on Friday 19th April 1996 at the Southend Memorial Temple, Woodgrange Drive, Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Provincial Consecrating team with Founders

We hold our Lodge of Instruction at the British Legion Hall, Common Road, Stock on Thursday evenings. Our regular meetings of the Lodge are held at Hutton Masonic Hall, Mount Avenue, Hutton, Essex on the first Tuesday in February, the fourth Tuesday in April, third Tuesday in June and the fourth Tuesday in November (Installation).

The ideals of the Lodge are to achieve and maintain high standards of Freemasonry. To create an atmosphere where no member or visitor would feel uncomfortable entering the Lodge in the absence of their host. The Lodge tries to identify worthy local causes that are unable to benefit from registered charities or do not qualify for Local Authority support without neglecting its obligations to Masonic charities.To date Buttsbury has achieved those objectives.

An Events Committees has been set up to raise money by staging a number of charitable events each year and by collections and raffles at Lodge meetings. This is not the sole purpose of this committee. It’s intention is to involve families and friends in the social side of the Lodge and to promote openness of Masonic activity.

Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge  holds the status of Gold Award for the Essex Provincial Masonic Festival 2000 and on 19th April 2005 gained the status of Grand Patron No 1 for meeting its charitable donation target for the Essex Provincial Masonic Festival 2011.The latter was achieved by a donation on the day of the official announcement of the Festival and illustrates the Lodge’s proactive attitude to its charitable commitments. However, the Lodge has been at the cutting edge of non-masonic charities and takes a keen interest of needy causes in the local community. Since its inception in 1996, the Lodge has donated over £55,051 to Charity which is divided £17,836 to Masonic Charities and £37,215 to worthy local causes not all of which were registered charities.

We hope to attract the right calibre of members whose ideals concur with the above and on whom the future of the Lodge is dependent.