Hamelin House


Hamelin House is an Ofsted registered short break service for children up to 18 years old. They provide overnight and day care breaks and are registered for up to 6 children or young people.

Our Charity Steward Steve Millist had great pleasure in handing a cheque for £2000 to Nicky Evans, Molly Watson and Verity Jones, he was then taken on a guided tour around Hamelin House and shown the new wet room which our donation helped to complete.


Essex Air Ambulance

It gave our Worshipful Master Ian Allen and our Charity Steward Steve Millist great pleasure recently to hand over a cheque from all our members, in the grand sum of £4,000.00 to help the Essex Air Ambulance service perform the brilliant service that they do.
Roger Smith represented EAA on the day. He passed on the pleasure and thanks of his organisation to all the Brethren that had contributed towards the £600,000 costs involved each month in providing this air ambulance cover.
On duty that day, the crew; Dr. Ainsley Heyworth; Paramedic Louise Brosson and the Pilot, Captain Paul Curtis. All expressed thanks and gratitude and were delighted to explain their duties and to show us around the Helicopter and its equipment.


£1000 Donated to Daisy Palmer Trust

Daisy Palmer Trust

Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge were pleased to hand a cheque for £1000 to Daisy Palmer Trust.

Daisy suffers from the incredibly rare and debilitating illness known as Chronic Intestine Pseudo-Obstruction (CIPs). This means she cannot eat anything at all orally, and is instead fully reliant on being fed intravenously directly via her heart.

Havens Hospices Indian Himalayas Trek

Amanda Gillett will be taking part in Little Havens Hospice Himalayas Trek. This commences with 5 days of trekking for up to 5-8 hours a day. Upon completion she will for two days assist with a village project that aims to improve facilities for the families that live there.

Amanda will be self funding the challenge; so all donations will go directly to Little Havens Hospice.
Buttsbury Loyal Citizen Lodge is delighted to have donated £500 to Amanda and we wish her all the best for the upcoming trek in October 2013.

Step By Step Pre School

Step by Step Pre School
Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge is pleased to give a cheque for £500 to Step by Step Preschool. The children sent us a lovely card made by them and mentioned us in their news letter.
Step by Step Pre School

The Burned Children’s Club

The Burned Children's Club

The Burned Children’s Club


Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge were pleased to hand a cheque for £500 to The Burned Children’s Club.
This club is a registered charity founded in 1995 and provides much-needed support to young burn survivors and their families. The Burned Children’s Club is all about burn survivors and their families. Using a fun, recreational approach, they promote self-esteem and help children come to terms with their altered body image. Support is also essential to parents and siblings as they too need help to adjust to the trauma the victim has suffered.

£500 Donated to AMMF Cholangiocarcinoma



AMMF is the UK’s only dedicated Cholangiocarcinoma (CC) charity and Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge are happy to be able to support it with a donation of £500.

The charity’s current objectives are to raise the awareness of Cholangiocarcinoma, to support specialised research teams in their work to find the cause of this rare form and hard to diagnose cancer, to devise methods of earlier diagnosis and treatments and to promote awareness of this disease.

Although Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) is considered a rare cancer, worldwide it is the second most common cancer arising in the liver. Because it is so difficult to diagnose accurately and early, CC is often advanced by the time of diagnosis and so surgery, currently the only potential cure, is not always an option. Only 5% will survive one year from a diagnosis of CC.

£1000 to the Charlie Marsden Appeal

Charlie Marsden Appeal

Charlie Marsden Appeal

Charlie Marsden was a normal, happy go lucky 5 year old who became ill with Tonsillitis. A rare virus from an everyday child illness left Charlie in hospital, unable to walk, talk or eat. Charlie was kept in intensive care. This local child from Blackmore made the national papers with his plight.  A fund has been set up to assist Charlie to attend a private specialist rehabilitee unit in Surrey. Buttsbury Loyal Citizens Lodge made a donation of £1000 to help Charlie in his rehabilitation.